The Importance of a Filter to Your Pool’s Maintenance

A backyard pool can provide your family and friends with hours of fun. Without the proper equipment, though, it can end up looking more like a swamp. Angelo Rodriguez Jr. and his staff at Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service know the importance of a quality pool filter, and if you own a pool, you should too. A good filter will help you maintain a clean pool, and it will keep maintenance costs low.

Filter systems vary depending on the filtering material, but sand is the most common. Cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters are also used. Whatever the type, filters work by trapping particles of dirt, oil, and algae, which if left on their own would make your pool dirty. After time, water flow slows, signaling that the filter needs to be cleaned. In the case of sand and diatomaceous earth filters, water is “backwashed” through a drainpipe, usually into the sewer system. With a cartridge filter, cleaning simply involves hosing it off, although after a few years your cartridge will need to be replaced. Once cleaned, your filter will continue to cleanse your pool’s water.

Even with the proper filtering system, your pool will need to be maintained. A weekly maintenance regimen ensures that your pool stays clean and in working order. For more on the services offered by Elite Swimming Pool & Spa, go to

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Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service: The Importance of a Clean Pool

Keeping a pool clean is second nature for professionals like Angelo Rodriguez, Jr., of Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service, but for many homeowners it can be tedious. If a pool is supposed to be fun and relaxing, why is the hard work so important?

There are two main reasons to maintain a swimming pool. First, it protects the health of anyone using it. The two main factors to consider are pH, which measures the water’s acidity, and the level of chlorine. If kept reliably at the right level, chlorine will kill dangerous bacteria. However, pool owners must also make sure the pH is at the right level. If they don’t, the chlorine will be less effective and swimmers may notice a burning sensation on their skin or in their eyes.

A second reason to maintain a swimming pool is to protect its longevity. If the pH or chlorine level is not correct, it can damage the pool’s tiles and grout. Over time, this can create serious problems that are expensive to fix. Pool owners who are too busy to do regular maintenance are wise to hire a professional like Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service.

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Hot Tub Cleaning with Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service

Although the human body has a remarkable ability to protect itself from microorganisms, you must maintain your spa to prevent the spread of certain skin infections. Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service, managed by Angelo Rodriguez, Jr., is experienced with cleaning home spas across the State of Texas.

Legionnaire’s Disease is known to spread through the action of spa jets. This infection starts in the lungs and causes pneumonia. More commonly, Pseudomonas bacteria is the culprit of many spa-related skin rashes and small bumps that resemble insect bites. This usually occurs when many people use the spa at once. Symptoms start to arise within a few days of using an unsanitary spa. One way to prevent the spread of this infection is to shower before and after using a hot tub. Engaging the services of a company like Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service is another way to prevent this problem from happening in the first place.

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Ensure the Proper Chlorination of your Pool By Angelo Rodriguez, Jr., of Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service

Chlorine is a chemical element that was first discovered by a chemist named Carl Scheele in 1774. It forms when salt water is put through the process of electrolysis, and is one of the most commonly used chemicals in the United States. When chlorine and water are combined, a mixture of hydrochloric acid and hypochlorous acid forms. Hypochlorous acid is chlorine in its active form, and it has a sanitizing effect on swimming pool water. 

The standard level of chlorine in a swimming pool does not pose a danger to swimmers. However, the chemical’s handling and administration demand a high degree of care. One must always follow the instructions carefully. The typical chlorine level in a swimming pool is not thought to have a significant effect on the environment as it is similar to that in most tap water. 

About the Author: Angelo Rodriguez, Jr., is the owner of Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service. The company provides comprehensive pool care, including the routine maintenance of chlorinators, to its customers.

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Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service: Winter Pool Maintenance Tips

A full-spectrum spa and pool company owned by Angelo Rodriguez, Jr., Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service provides equipment installation, cleaning, leak detection, and repairs. The company takes pride in its high quality of customer service and commitment to client satisfaction.

During the winter months, out-of-use pools and spas frequently fall lower on owners’ priority lists. What many do not realize is that such amenities still require attention. Described below are several important tips for keeping your pool or spa in the best shape after the summer passes.

1. Trim trees and shrubs around the pool area. This can help minimize limbs and branches that fall into the pool and affect drainage.

2. Check and clean out filter baskets more often in the fall and winter. Even if vegetation is properly pruned, leaves and pine straw will inevitably get into the water.

3. In the event of a freeze, wait for any ice to melt before removing it from the cover. Ice shards can slice covers, which can be expensive to replace.

4. Tightly secure your pool cover. A slack cover could blow off or tear high in winds.

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Three Swimming Pool Games to Play at Your Next Pool Party, by Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service

1. Sharks and Minnows
Played in the deep end, this game starts
with one “shark” who yells “Dinner time!” Every “minnow” that is lined
up on one side of the pool has to jump in and try to get to the other
side while avoiding the shark. Minnows who get caught then become
sharks. The last minnow wins.

2. Ping-pong scramble
Get a
bunch of ping-pong balls together, and with a marker, write a number
from 1 to 10 on each one. Divide your group into two teams. Dump all the
balls in the middle of the pool and then blow a whistle to signal the
start of the game. Each person can swim out and bring balls back to the
side, but only one ball at a time. When all the balls are gone, add up
the numbers on each team’s balls, and the highest number wins.

3. Hide the bottle
version of “hide the bacon” begins by splitting the group into two
teams. Each team gets to hide the bacon, but in this game, the bacon is a
clear 2-liter bottle filled with water. The bottle will sink and become
virtually impossible to see underwater.

Operating in the
Dallas-metro area, Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service offers seasonal
upkeep services, including control-system check-ups, valve lubrication,
and chlorinator support.

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Getting Serious about Pool Maintenance, by Angelo Rodriguez, Jr., owner, Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service

Pool maintenance is essential for keeping a pool safe and swimmers healthy, but keeping a maintenance schedule for a pool takes a lot of time and effort. Some pool owners think that all they need to do is skim the pool every few days to get leaves and other debris out of the water, but pool maintenance requires much more than the occasional surface cleaning.

In addition to removing debris, the pool lining needs to be regularly vacuumed or brushed, pool chemicals need to be checked and balanced, all filters need to be cleaned, and pumps and other working parts need to be checked.

For the average pool owner, this amount of regular maintenance can be difficult to accomplish, but it is essential to ensure that a pool is clean and safe and that all of its elements are working properly.

Angelo Rodriguez, Jr. is the owner of Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service of Royse City, Texas, which provides a wide range of pool and spa maintenance.

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