Salt Water Pools: Advantages and Disadvantages, by Angelo Rodriguez, Jr., owner, Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service

Salt water pools are becoming more and more popular at both commercial and residential properties, but not everyone knows what a salt-water pool is or how it differs from a traditional pool. Here are some tips for those looking to invest in a salt water pool: 

-Salt water pools use chlorine, but it is not placed directly into the pool. Instead, chlorine is released from the salt in the pool through a process called electrolysis.

-The water in salt water pools is usually less harsh on the skin and eyes.

-Since salt water pools do not need chlorine, owners do not have to buy or keep chlorine for the pool.

-Salt water pools can use more electricity than traditional pools because of the salt water generator.

-They still require regular maintenance and upkeep.

Salt water pools can be more conducive to algae growth.

Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service provides maintenance, cleaning, and repair services for traditional and salt water pools.

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