Increase Energy Efficiency with Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service

Many pool owners are interested in learning how to increase energy efficiency in order to save money on their pools. Angelo Rodriguez, Jr., of Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service currently works on pools in Plano, Dallas, Rockwell, and the cities in the surrounding region. He is able to detect pool leaks and repair mechanical issues and thereby help his customers save on costs.

Using a pool cover consistently is one simple way to improve a pool’s energy efficiency. In fact, over 90 percent of the pool’s heat dissipates at the surface. Additionally, Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service recommends the use of an energy efficient pool pump to minimize the power usage.

Several cities in Texas also offer Smart Energy loans or tax incentives for homeowners who purchase solar-based pool parts. For example, the city of Plano operates a local loan program for borrowers who want to get into solar pool heating.

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