Three Swimming Pool Games to Play at Your Next Pool Party, by Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service

1. Sharks and Minnows
Played in the deep end, this game starts
with one “shark” who yells “Dinner time!” Every “minnow” that is lined
up on one side of the pool has to jump in and try to get to the other
side while avoiding the shark. Minnows who get caught then become
sharks. The last minnow wins.

2. Ping-pong scramble
Get a
bunch of ping-pong balls together, and with a marker, write a number
from 1 to 10 on each one. Divide your group into two teams. Dump all the
balls in the middle of the pool and then blow a whistle to signal the
start of the game. Each person can swim out and bring balls back to the
side, but only one ball at a time. When all the balls are gone, add up
the numbers on each team’s balls, and the highest number wins.

3. Hide the bottle
version of “hide the bacon” begins by splitting the group into two
teams. Each team gets to hide the bacon, but in this game, the bacon is a
clear 2-liter bottle filled with water. The bottle will sink and become
virtually impossible to see underwater.

Operating in the
Dallas-metro area, Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service offers seasonal
upkeep services, including control-system check-ups, valve lubrication,
and chlorinator support.

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