Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service: The Importance of a Clean Pool

Keeping a pool clean is second nature for professionals like Angelo Rodriguez, Jr., of Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service, but for many homeowners it can be tedious. If a pool is supposed to be fun and relaxing, why is the hard work so important?

There are two main reasons to maintain a swimming pool. First, it protects the health of anyone using it. The two main factors to consider are pH, which measures the water’s acidity, and the level of chlorine. If kept reliably at the right level, chlorine will kill dangerous bacteria. However, pool owners must also make sure the pH is at the right level. If they don’t, the chlorine will be less effective and swimmers may notice a burning sensation on their skin or in their eyes.

A second reason to maintain a swimming pool is to protect its longevity. If the pH or chlorine level is not correct, it can damage the pool’s tiles and grout. Over time, this can create serious problems that are expensive to fix. Pool owners who are too busy to do regular maintenance are wise to hire a professional like Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service.

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