The Importance of a Filter to Your Pool’s Maintenance

A backyard pool can provide your family and friends with hours of fun. Without the proper equipment, though, it can end up looking more like a swamp. Angelo Rodriguez Jr. and his staff at Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service know the importance of a quality pool filter, and if you own a pool, you should too. A good filter will help you maintain a clean pool, and it will keep maintenance costs low.

Filter systems vary depending on the filtering material, but sand is the most common. Cartridge and diatomaceous earth filters are also used. Whatever the type, filters work by trapping particles of dirt, oil, and algae, which if left on their own would make your pool dirty. After time, water flow slows, signaling that the filter needs to be cleaned. In the case of sand and diatomaceous earth filters, water is “backwashed” through a drainpipe, usually into the sewer system. With a cartridge filter, cleaning simply involves hosing it off, although after a few years your cartridge will need to be replaced. Once cleaned, your filter will continue to cleanse your pool’s water.

Even with the proper filtering system, your pool will need to be maintained. A weekly maintenance regimen ensures that your pool stays clean and in working order. For more on the services offered by Elite Swimming Pool & Spa, go to

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