About Elite Swimming Pool & Spa Service

Elite Swimming Pool and Spa Service saves pool owners time and effort regarding the upkeep of their pool. According to well-known home improvement stores, cleaning a pool probably requires approximately six to eight hours a week. The Texas-based cleaning company offers a weekly maintenance program that handles the most common issues associated with owning a pool. Along with frequent equipment checks, the service includes clearing out skimmers and traps, skimming or vacuuming leaves, twigs and other debris, and brushing steps, walls, and tiles.

Elite Swimming Pool and Spa Service also offers equipment installation and repairs as well methods to detect and repair leaks. A good time to do this is during the opening season in the spring. Before opening the pool, owners should ensure there are no electrical hazards and that the area surrounding the pool offers safe and secure footing.

Keeping the water safe and chemically balanced also requires constant vigilance. The pool-care company checks the pH level of the water to ensure it remains within safe guidelines. Generally, pH should not rise above 7.6, and these levels should be checked after storms as well.

With customers in Dallas, Plan, Richardson, Mesquite, and the surrounding areas, Elite Swimming Pool and Spa Service strives to deliver premium quality pool-care services at affordable prices. When a customer requests a quote for a cleaning, a company representative travels to the home and inspects the pool. The representative then explains all the cleaning and maintenance procedures and any issues concerning the pool or spa before money is discussed. This ensures the bid remains accurate and that all parties understand the agreement fully before moving forward.


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